Unfreeze Experian

Experian is the trickiest bureau to deal with, because you don’t have any account to log into. This step-by-step guide of how to unfreeze your credit at Experian aims to cover the many details that may slow down a freeze request.

1. Go to Experian Freeze Center

Experian has a big security freeze landing page on their website, which is where any request starts. Follow this link to Experian’s Freeze Center: https://www.experian.com/freeze/center.html

On the right side of the page, there is a big “Remove or lift a security freeze” button. Click it to continue.

Tip: Ignore the “Sign In” link in the upper right – it’s for Experian’s other products.

Experian website "Remove or lift a security freeze" button, the first step to unfreeze your credit at Experian

2. Personal Information

Experian doesn’t force everyone to create an account, like Equifax and TransUnion do. Instead, you will enter your personal information each time you freeze or unfreeze, much like a credit application. Fill out the form to continue.

  • If you legally have a middle initial or generation (such as Jr. or III), treat those as required fields.
  • If you moved in the last two years and need to enter multiple addresses, only enter those addresses that you reported to finance companies, like your bank or credit card company.
  • Your PIN is not a required field, but entering it helps Experian verify you.
Experian website personal information form, to verify your identity before unfreezing your credit Experian

3. Confirmation

That’s it! You just unfroze your credit at Experian! The only confirmation documents available are optional. You can click on the “Print” or “Email my PIN” buttons for Experian’s written confirmation. The “Logout” button in the upper right formally ends your browser session with Experian.

Experian website confirmation page, including options for print or email documentation of your unfrozen credit file

What to do with Unfrozen Credit

Use it! Unfrozen credit means you are free to apply for new credit cards, get approved for a mortgage, or apply for other credit products. If you found Snowcap.Me helpful or want to support our mission, shop our latest offers by clicking the button below.

Important note: Unfreezing your credit only at Experian may cause a new credit application to fail, if your Equifax or TransUnion credit files are still frozen. If you haven’t already done so, unfreeze your credit at Equifax and TransUnion to be certain a company can check your creditworthiness.

After you use your unfrozen credit, be sure to re-freeze your files so you are once again protected against major identity theft. You can use our freeze guides to re-freeze your credit. Without an account to sign into like the other bureaus, how to unfreeze your credit at Experian isn’t as fast as the other bureaus.