Experian password reset not working

Can’t Reset Your Experian password? Here’s the fix

Experian password reset not working is a login state where even after using the correct email address to reset your password, the new password does not work to log into your Experian Account. You can fix this by leaving the domain off your username.

Best Fix for Most People

If your username is “example@gmail.com”, try logging in with just “example” (without the quotes). Depending on when you made your Experian account and how you registered, this simple fix may enable you to log in successfully.

There are a few things to keep in mind when troubleshooting about Experian CreditWorks passwords and usernames:

  • Your username may not contain your password
  • If your account recovery email or text message verification don’t arrive within five minutes, don’t expect it to ever arrive

How to find which email you used to Register

If you are an existing user and your Experian username is not working, your username will probably be your email address. If you have multiple email accounts and are unsure which email address you used when registering, try searching your inboxes. Experian sends a large volume of emails that you can’t unsubscribe from, so whichever inbox has those emails will be the correct one.

Alternative Solution: Make a Brand New Account

With a new email address, register for a brand new Experian account and choose a new password. You will need to enter your social security number and other personal info and answer identity verification questions. After registering, log in to your new account, and you should be able to toggle your credit freeze and unfreeze status successfully.

Why does this work? Experian accounts and the Experian main database (the source of truth for all Experian credit records) are two different systems. If your data, such as your primary address, recorded in your online Experian account conflicts with the main database, you may be blocked from logging in. This can also occur when a relative with your same name moves into or out of your zip code or home address, creating an identity conflict. The proper fix would be for Experian to update the data. Creating a new, second account for Experian with updated data can fix the alignment issue with the main database, letting you log in.

But still – Experian Password Reset is Not working!

If you can’t resolve your Experian login issue yourself, you may need to call Experian for help. You can reach Experian’s customer care team at 1-855-962-6943 and can find their operating hours on the Experian website. You can also try sending them physical mail, although that’s not recommended.

Whatever you do, know that you do not need to pay Experian any money to fix the problem. If you contact support, there’s a chance an agent may try to cross-sell you into a different Experian credit product. Experian is notorious for this behavior since they have so many consumer offerings.

Links to additional documentation to fix Experian not working:

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