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What is Experian?

Experian is a global company that provides credit reporting services to businesses and consumers. They gather information on individuals and their credit history, which is then used to generate credit reports and scores. Lenders, landlords, and other entities pay Experian for this consumer credit information to assess an individual’s creditworthiness.

What is Experian CreditWorks?

A free Experian CreditWorks account allows consumers to access their Experian credit report and toggle a free credit freeze. The platform also provides tools and resources to help monitor and manage consumer credit.

The tools include alerts for potential identity theft and the ability to dispute errors on their free annual credit report. Getting a numbered free credit score through Experian is even included on your dashboard when you log in! Unfortunately, it is quite common that Experian cannot process various requests, such as logging in, but we have extensive documentation to help troubleshoot.

Don’t have an Experian CreditWorks account yet? You can create a free Experian Creditworks account or sign in to your existing account here.

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