TransUnion credit freeze UNKNOWN

Can’t login to TransUnion?

Transunion won’t let you login when your account is improperly linked to your credit data record in TransUnion’s main database. The error may resolve without action, or you may need to fix an error with your personal data to unblock your account.

The TransUnion credit freeze UNKNOWN error message shows when the data in your TransUnion Online Service Center account and the data in your TransUnion credit file (their “main database”) do not match. This situation is sometimes called a “split file.” For example, TransUnion could receive an updated address from your bank for your credit file that doesn’t match the address in your TransUnion online account. Your bank or credit card company automatically reports this information to TransUnion and the other credit bureaus periodically. TransUnion will not process your request to log in in that case, and this error page will show.

TransUnion credit freeze UNKNOWN most common fix

Make a Brand New Account

Assuming you have completed basic troubleshooting below, the fix that works for most users will require a new email address. You cannot use the one you signed up for TransUnion with. If you don’t already have a second “burner” email address, several free services, such as Firefox Relay, offer unique email addresses that will forward all received mail to your current inbox.

With your new email address, register for a brand new TransUnion account and choose a new password. You will need to enter your SSN and other personal info and answer identity verification questions. After registering, log in to your new account, and you should be able to toggle your credit freeze and unfreeze status successfully.

Why does this work? TransUnion accounts and the TransUnion main database (the source of truth for all TransUnion credit records) are two different systems. If your data, such as your primary address, recorded in your online TransUnion online account conflicts with the main database, you may be blocked from logging in. This can also occur when a relative with your same name moves into or out of your zip code or home address, creating an identity conflict. The proper fix would be for TransUnion to update the data. Creating a new, second account for TransUnion with updated data can fix the alignment issue with the main database, letting you log in.

Basic Troubleshooting Checklist

  1. Check your credentials and/or reset your password. Make sure you’re entering the correct username/email and password.
  2. If you’re using one, turn off your VPN. Financial institutions such as credit bureaus often use geo-location technology to prevent fraud. Depending on your VPN provider and server location, your VPN use could raise a fraud flag and prevent you from logging in.
  3. Turn off any browser extensions. Many browser extensions can access all of your cookies and website data. Disabling your extensions eliminates the possibility of an extension being the problem.
  4. Try a different browser. Certain websites are only built and tested to work in certain browsers. For example, if you’re using Firefox, try Chrome.

If none of these options work, you will need to use one of the other options, below.

Other Options

  1. Try the most common fix (scroll up on this page)
  2. Use the credit freeze and unfreeze phone system.
  3. File a CFPB (Consumer Finance Protection Bureau) complaint. There are reports online of the credit bureaus quickly acting to solve credit freeze account issues after a CFPB complaint is filed. The CFPB is a United States government bureau that regulates the US finance industry, including the credit bureaus.
  4. Do nothing, and wait for the error to go away.( This could take months, or years, or never fix the problem.)

More Help for TransUnion’s Website Not Working

If you can’t resolve your TransUnion login issues yourself, you may need to call customer care support for help. You can reach TransUnion’s customer care team at 1(866) 744-8221 and can find their operating hours on the TransUnion website.

Whatever you do, know that you do not need to pay TransUnion any money to fix the problem. If you contact support, there’s a chance an agent may try to cross-sell you into a different TransUnion credit product.

Links to additional documentation to fix TransUnion not working:

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