Credit Card Offers

Credit Card Offers

While there is no “best card for everyone,” keep in mind the golden rule of credit cards: pay your bill in full on time every month. Never spend more than you can afford. Everyone has different earning goals, like cash back and travel rewards. Similarly, everyone has different spending habits, like dining at restaurants and buying gas for their car. Credit card issuers like Chase and American Express offer specific cards for different spending, so there’s probably a perfect card (or group of cards) that fits you best. All it takes is a bit of research into the latest credit card offers. The quick and easy way is to use our partner’s CardMatch Tool to find the best card for you.

Our credit card offers are vetted and researched for you, no matter what your earning and spending habits are. Applying for a card through the link below is the best way you can support us.

If you have issues when applying, such as a page loading for several minutes, your internet browser may be the issue. Re-applying using an incognito (Google Chrome) or private tab (Mozilla Firefox) should disable any ad-block extensions and fix the issue.

Before Applying for Credit

Before applying for any card, unfreeze your credit at all three bureaus. If you apply with your credit frozen, the issuer’s credit check will fail and return “frozen bureau,” preventing you from getting approved for a new card. Note that “frozen bureau” does not harm your credit score; it just prevents your new account from getting approved. See our FAQ to learn more about freezing and thawing.

Visa Cards

Visa credit cards come in three tiers: Traditional, Signature, and Infinite. Traditional protects against unauthorized card purchases, among other minor perks. Signature includes all Traditional benefits, plus extended warranty protection and other minor perks. Infinite includes all lower-tier benefits, plus return protection and a slew of travel insurances.

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Mastercard Cards

Mastercard credit card benefits vary by issuing bank and product. Standard benefits for most cards are protection against unauthorized card purchases and Mastercard ID Theft Protection. Mastercard ID Theft Protection provides consultation and guidance for identity theft victims, alerts if your identity information gets stolen, and replaces your wallet’s physical items if lost.

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