Unfreeze TransUnion

TransUnion credit freeze account holders will breeze through this step-by-step guide of how to unfreeze your credit at TransUnion. Don’t have an account yet? Follow this link to create the right type of TransUnion account so you can freeze and unfreeze your credit easily.

1. Login to your Account

TransUnion has a bunch of different account types. Be sure to log into the correct type, or else you will see an error page. On the bottom right of TransUnion’s credit freeze page, there is a blue “log in here” button that will prompt for credentials for the right account type. Click here for that page: https://www.transunion.com/credit-freeze

TransUnion website account types login page, highlighting the credit freeze account to unfreeze your credit at TransUnion

2. Click Remove Freeze

After signing into your account, the options are super simple. Click on the yellow “remove freeze” button.

Tip: There is a simple confirmation “Continue” prompt after you click this button, not shown here.

TransUnion website post-login screen, highlighting a button to "Remove Freeze" from your credit file at TransUnion

3. Confirmation

That’s it! You just unfroze your credit at TransUnion! You should receive a confirmation email in about twenty minutes.

No PIN was required for unfreezing via the website.

TransUnion website credit unfreeze confirmation page, confirming that your credit file at TransUnion is unfrozen

What to do with Unfrozen Credit

Use it! Unfrozen credit means you are free to apply for new credit cards, get approved for a mortgage, or apply for other credit products. If you found Snowcap.Me helpful or want to support our mission, shop our latest offers by clicking the button below.

Important note: With your TransUnion account, how to unfreeze your credit at TransUnion is pretty straightforward. However, unfreezing your credit only at TransUnion may cause a new credit application to fail if your Experian or Equifax credit files are still frozen. If you haven’t already done so, unfreeze your credit at Experian and Equifax to be certain a company can check your creditworthiness.

After you use your unfrozen credit, be sure to re-freeze your files so you are once again protected against major identity theft. You can use our freeze guides to re-freeze your credit.