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Freeze and Unfreeze Your Credit

All Three Bureaus

Company Logos of three US credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion

Snowcap.Me helps you freeze and unfreeze your credit at all three bureaus, helping prevent identity theft. The process can be tricky, so Snowcap.Me’s guides are here to help you through it. We do not collect, store, or retain any of your personal information. Use Snowcap.Me’s step-by-step guides to help freeze (and unfreeze) at each of the three US credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Why Freeze your Credit?

Freezing your credit is the most effective way to protect yourself from major identity theft. It’s completely free and will not affect your credit cards, credit report, or credit score. You can continue using your cards and paying loans as you did before.

In just the last few years, Capital One, TJX Companies, Sears, The Home Deport, and Equifax were all hacked, exposing more than 175 million credit records to thieves. Unless you freeze your credit, anyone with access to your personal information can open a new account in your name. Freezing your credit is the only way to protect yourself from such theft. No company currently provides a way for Americans to freeze and unfreeze their credit across all three major credit bureaus at once. This is exactly what Snowcap.Me is aiming to provide, and we’re working to improve it every single day.

Support our Mission

A core value of Snowcap.Me is the idea that regardless of whether you have good or bad credit, you should be able to easily freeze and unfreeze your credit at all credit bureaus. Unfortunately, the credit bureaus have little incentive to make the process easy, so we are stepping in to help. The best way to support us is to apply for one of our credit card offers or request a card recommendation specific to you. Our site is 100% independent from all three US credit bureaus.