Unfreeze Equifax

myEquifax account holders will breeze through this step-by-step guide on how to unfreeze their credit at Equifax. Don’t have an account yet? Follow this link to create a myEquifax account at Equifax so you can freeze and unfreeze your credit quickly.

For help on common Equifax Errors, see this page.

1. Log in to your Account

myEquifax website login page, consumer portal to unfreeze your credit at the Equifax credit bureau

Equifax uses the “myEquifax” web app as its consumer account system to control credit freezes. The myEquifax logo looks slightly different than the other Equifax branding, which is expected. Equifax is a credit bureau, not a tech company like Google. Login to your myEquifax account here: https://my.equifax.com/membercenter/.

If you see a “We are temporarily unable to complete this request” screen like this one when signing in, Equifax’s system is down. You will not be able to complete your freeze request online or by phone. The only way to complete your freeze is to call Equifax at 888-298-0045 from 9am-5pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. Equifax may have expanded hours for COVID-19 support. After the phone system fails to freeze your credit automatically, press 0 to be connected to a human agent who will confirm your information and process the freeze.

Equifax’s system can be down for many days at a time. If Equifax’s system uptime is unacceptable, we invite you to file a CFPB complaint, call your congressperson, or tweet at Equifax’s executives.

2. Manage a Freeze

myEquifax website account screen, highlighting the "Manage a freeze" link to unfreeze your credit at Equifax

After you sign in to your myEquifax account, you will see your account dashboard. On the upper-right side of the page, there is a “Manage a freeze” link. Click the link to continue.

3. Step-By-Step Flow

myEquifax website "Manage a freeze" button step to unfreeze your credit at the Equifax credit bureau

Clicking on the link brings you into a small step-by-step flow, where you first need to click “Manage a Freeze” to continue.

myEquifax website unfreeze permanent or temporary options to unfreeze your Equifax credit report

Next, select whether you want a temporary or permanent removal of the freeze from your Equifax credit report. We select permanent for this example.

myEquifax website unfreeze permanent review step to unfreeze your Equifax credit report

Before permanently unfreezing your credit, Equifax includes helpful information about what to expect. Click the red “Remove Freeze” button to continue.

4. Confirmation

myEquifax website unfreeze confirmation page for permanently unfrozen credit

That’s it! You just unfroze your credit at Equifax! No PIN was needed. Equifax does not provide a PDF or email confirmation for unfreezing your credit, so if you need documentation, it’s probably best to print the webpage or save it as a PDF.

What to do with Unfrozen Credit

Use it! Unfrozen credit means you can apply for new credit cards, get approved for a mortgage, or apply for other credit products. If you found Snowcap.Me helpful or want to support our mission, shop our latest offers by clicking the button below.

Important note: With your myEquifax account, how to unfreeze your credit at Equifax is pretty straightforward. However, unfreezing your credit only at Equifax may cause a new credit application to fail if your Experian or TransUnion credit files are still frozen. If you haven’t already done so, unfreeze your credit at Experian and TransUnion to be sure a company can check your creditworthiness.

After you use your unfrozen credit, be sure to re-freeze your files, so you are once again protected against major identity theft. You can use our freeze guides to re-freeze your credit.