Your TransUnion account may show a message stating that your TransUnion credit report freeze status as ‘UNKNOWN.’ The error text states the TransUnion credit freeze service is temporarily unavailable. In fact, the error is only referring to your account, not all TransUnion users! You can likely fix it!

TransUnion account features include managing fraud alerts, filing a dispute, requesting a free credit report, and of course, freezing or unfreezing your personal credit file. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon that TransUnion is unable to process various requests, but we can help you fix the problem. We primarily focus on credit freezes and unfreezes here at

“UNKNOWN – The TransUnion Credit Freeze Service is Temporarily Unavailable”

TransUnion UNKNOWN status error page screenshot,stating that the TransUnion credit freeze service is temporarily unavailable


According to TransUnion, the ‘UNKNOWN’ error page shows because there is a data mismatch somewhere in your TransUnion account. For example, TransUnion could receive an updated address from your bank that doesn’t yet match the address in your account. In that case, TransUnion cannot process any freeze or unfreeze request and this error page will show.

How to fix

1. Check that your bank or credit card company has your correct address on file, and ask them to report your address to TransUnion.

2. Call TransUnion and ask for the reason why you are seeing the page. The agent can help correct any inaccurate personal information with you on the phone. On the other hand, inaccurate accounts on your credit report will need to follow a dispute process.

The ‘UNKNOWN’ freeze status error commonly shows because of inaccurate personal information. A name change or address change are often the cause. These causes can be fixed easily within a few days, but more serious causes will take a bit of detective work. For example, accounts that don’t belong to you and duplicate accounts merit a more series fix with TransUnion customer service.

One way to investigate this error on your own is by reviewing your credit report directly from TransUnion. On the first or second page of your TransUnion credit report, find your address history listed. Ensure the list is accurate and that there are no addresses you don’t know. To get your free credit report, go to the federal website setup to provide an annual free report from each bureau at Keep it mind, the website will send you back to your TransUnion account to request the report. For that reason, if you have an old credit report from TransUnion saved, that will be the fastest place to start.

TransUnion Account Errors Wrap Up

When TransUnion’s consumer account works, it is easy to freeze and unfreeze your credit. It is not uncommon that your freeze status shows ‘UNKNOWN,’ however. Seeing this error page does not mean you’ve done anything wrong. Anyone may see the page from time to time.

If you feel that your TransUnion account should work better, we invite you to file a CFPB complaint, call your congressperson, or tweet at TransUnion CTO @abhinavdhar.

Do you have a problem with TransUnion not listed here? You can contact us at wwwSnowcapMe on Reddit for help.

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