Equifax and myEquifax logos. myEquifax unable to process request.

myEquifax is Equifax’s free web app to manage consumer credit. myEquifax’s features include requesting your free credit report, freezing and unfreezing your credit, placing and removing fraud alerts, and disputing reported information. Getting a numbered credit score through myEquifax is technically a separate product that requires more paperwork. It is unfortunately quite common that myEquifax is unable to process various requests, but we can help you fix your problem using the solutions on this page. We primarily focus on credit freezes and unfreezes here at Snowcap.me.

“We are temporarily unable to complete this request”

myEquifax unable to process request. "we are temporarily unable to complete this request" error message


According to Equifax, this error page shows when the data in your myEquifax account and the data in your Equifax credit file (their “main database”) do not match. For example, Equifax could receive an updated address from your bank for your credit file that doesn’t match the address in your myEquifax account. In that case, Equifax will not process the request, and this error page will show when logging in. You also won’t be able to use the automated IVR phone system.

How to Fix

1. Check that your bank or credit card company has your correct address on file, and ask them to report your address to Equifax.
2. Call Equifax and ask why you see the page. Calling Equifax is the only way to freeze or unfreeze your credit file until you can log in to myEquifax again.

One way to investigate this error is by reviewing your credit report from Equifax. An inaccurate current address on file at Equifax is the most common cause of this error. In your Equifax credit report, you can find your current address history toward the end of the report under a section titled “Contact Information.” See below for a sample contact information section from an Equifax credit report.

myEquifax credit report contact information section investigating "we are temporarily unable to complete this request"

“the email and password combination you entered is incorrect”

myEquifax "the email and password combination you entered is incorrect. Please try again later." error message banner


Even when your email and password are 100% correct, you can’t sign into Equifax. Why? We think the cause is a race condition on the webpage from bad software engineering by Equifax. This error can happen when using a password manager or typing your email and password.

How to Fix

Fixing this error is an easy one. Refresh the webpage or browser tab and re-enter your email and password, and myEquifax should log you in. Of course, we are assuming that the email and password you are entering are correct.

myEquifax Unable to Process Requests Wrap Up

While myEquifax may be unable to process your needs sometimes, when myEquifax works, it is easy to freeze and unfreeze your credit. If you feel that myEquifax should work better, we invite you to file a CFPB complaint, call your congressperson, or tweet at Equifax CTO @brysonkoehler.

Do you have a problem with myEquifax not listed here? You can contact us at wwwSnowcapMe on Reddit for help.

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