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Snowcap’s card consulting services improve your card portfolio and maximize your rewards, guaranteed. We review your spending habits and patterns to recommend the perfect card specific to you. Commissions from our partners support our free service. Our client confidentiality agreement protects both options.

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Nicholas Quigley
Personal Credit Advisor

Nicholas Quigley Headshot

Nicholas Quigley is the founder of Snowcap LLC. Before starting Snowcap in 2020, he worked in strategy for Tesla’s credit organization in California. While working at Tesla, he noticed an increasing number of Tesla customers applying for vehicle loans with frozen credit. He realized a need to provide education, guidance, and consulting for the traditionally opaque credit industry. A 2018 graduate of Cornell University’s Tech MBA program in New York City, Mr. Quigley focused on entrepreneurship and finance in his graduate studies. Before business school, he worked in PayPal’s Credit division in Baltimore and helped expand PayPal Credit’s US product to the UK and Germany in partnership with Apple. He holds certifications in Data Mining (SAS) and Six Sigma Black Belt (eBay).

Mr. Quigley has used credit card points and miles to stay at hotels on a US cross-country trip, fly to tropical islands, and ride Amtrak up and down the Northeast corridor. Aside from travel, he enjoys cycling, water skiing, and playing classical guitar. As a personal credit consultant, his goal is to make every client plan extremely clear and approachable. Every client will leave with an understanding of where they are today and where a solid credit card plan can take them in the future.

Reminder to never leave your credit unfrozen permanently, freeze your credit when not applying for new accounts to protect yourself!