Awesome Airport Lounges and the Cards to Enter

Common Airport Lounge Amenities

Example of one of the priority pass airport lounges in Doha, Qatar.
Doha, Qatar Priority Pass Lounge I visited in 2022.

Airport lounges are a haven for travelers. They offer a variety of amenities to make your time at the airport as comfortable as possible. There are comfortable seating options like chairs, couches, and even private spaces. There are complimentary snacks and drinks, including soft drinks, beer, and wine. Further, there are even hot meals, commonly referred to as “premium food” in some cases. As you might expect, most lounges offer free high-speed Wi-Fi for guests to stay connected, and many have entertainment options such as TVs, newspapers and magazines, and books. Business travelers appreciate the amenities like printers and computers available in most lounges. Incredibly, showers are also available in some lounges, making it a lifesaver for those with extended layovers or just arriving from a long flight. And lastly, the lounges are staffed with employees who can assist with flight information, baggage storage, and other travel-related needs. It’s worth noting that amenities vary depending on the lounge, location, and airline, so some lounges may have more limited amenities while others may have more luxurious and exclusive amenities. One thing is certain – it absolutely beats sitting at any airport gate.

How to Enter Airport Lounges with Cards

Many credit cards offer airport lounge access as a benefit. The most common program is Priority Pass, which most premium travel cards offer. The most common credit cards with lounge access are:

  • Amex Platinum Card
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve
  • Citi Prestige
  • CapitalOne VentureX

There are also a handful of co-branded airline credit cards. These cards only make sense to apply for if you frequently use a single airline and wish to utilize the airline lounges.

  • Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Card
  • United Club Infinite Card
  • American Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard®

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It’s important to note that lounge access benefits can vary depending on the card issuer and specific card product, so it’s best to check with the card issuer for the most up-to-date information on what lounges are accessible with a particular card.

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Credit Repair is much easier than you think

Credit repair companies charge hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars to fix your credit.

Any small financial mistake can send an account to a collections agency. An account in collections on your credit file is terrible and will hurt your credit score. The frustrating part is that your internet service provider, a hospital, or any other organization that sends your account to collections could easily make such a mistake. That mistake could ruin your life for years.

Performing a DIY Credit Repair

  1. Request your free credit reports from each of the three bureaus. It is easiest to do this via their websites, but if you want to feel more serious, you can write to them via snail mail.
  2. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1970, you have the right to remove inaccurate information within 30 days of receiving the reports. We recommend making this request via postal mail, because you’re playing for time here. If a credit bureau does not respond within 30 days of your letter, you win by default and the information in question is removed!

Credit repair companies follow these same steps. Why pay them when doing it yourself is easy and removes a middleman?

Account Sent to Collections Example

doctor consults patient at a hospital about bill related to hospital services as part of credit repair

Let’s say a small hospital bill of $60 that you never received gets sent from the hospital to a collections agency. If you dispute it, the hospital – not the collections agency, must produce the original bill within 30 days. From the hospital’s perspective, the account is effectively closed because they sent it to collections. Producing the original bill does not benefit the hospital; it’s only extra work. The hospital often does not produce the original bill that the credit bureau requests.

When companies and hospitals do respond, you can escalate further using legal threats. Because the credit bureaus are liable under the Fair Credit Reporting Act for incorrect information, you can sue them for damages. Remember that these credit bureaus are gigantic corporations that do not care about small individual claims (or your credit score, for that matter). When hit with a consumer lawsuit, the bureaus can either fight it in court or remove the incorrect information from your credit report. As you might think, the bureaus usually remove the information and call the case closed. Even if that doesn’t happen, the legal teams at the credit bureaus are incentivized to settle lawsuits well before a trial is held.

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